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Security Analytics, and the application of machine learning to security analytics


In Today’s PICNIC episode, we will welcome Mike Paquette Director of Product, Security Market at Elastic.

Mike joined Elastic in 2016 from Prelert, where he'd been VP of Products for Prelert's machine learning technology.  Mike's focus at Elastic is to help users and customers succeed with security-related applications of the Elastic Stack.  Mike has over 30 years of technology product development experience, including leadership roles with several startups.  He has worked in development of SIEM solutions, and spent 14 years developing and bringing to market network IPS and DDoS Defense solutions at Top Layer Security, where he also led development of network monitoring solutions.
Mike has written white papers on IPS and published security-related articles in Health Management Technology Magazine, ISSA Journal, Dark Reading, HowToLearn.com, and other industry publications. He has a BSEE from Boston University and is co-author of a patent on DDoS protection.

At the occasion of today’s episode, we will talk about Security Analytics and their application with machine learning. It is the right time to ask ourselves:

  • What’s the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?
  • Are there multiple types of machine learning?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence going to reduce the number of people needed in security analyst jobs?
  • Can machine learning be used to detect threats?
  • Can machine learning be used to identify malicious software?
  • What’s the story behind ramsonware?