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Has your company turned you into a social engineering lab rat?



In this PICNIC episode, we welcome Arun Vishwanath to talk about The Psychology of Users Falling for Social Engineering Tactics.  The host is Greg Mooney.

Arun Vishwanath, Ph.D., MBA, is Associate Professor at the University at Buffalo and Faculty Associate at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. 

Arun’s research focuses on the “people problems” of cyber security. His particular interest is in understanding why organizational insiders willingly exfiltrate sensitive organizational data, why people become unintentional insiders by falling prey to social engineering attacks, and on ways we can harness this understanding to secure cyber space 

His research has been presented at leading outlets from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab to the U.S. Army Cyber Institute at West Point and BlackHat.

Arun has authored more than two-dozen peer reviewed research papers on the science of cyber security and is a frequent CNN opinion contributor. His work has been cited in leading outlets from Scientific American to Wired Magazine

During today’s episode, we will discuss topics such as election hacking, social engineering and so much more.

Join us on Thursday November 9 at 3:00 pm ET!