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All Things Passwords


In Today’s PICNIC episode, we are pleased to see a returning guest joining us, Joy Beland, President at Pink Hat Technology Management.

Since starting her consulting practice in 1997, Joy’s ability to develop solid and creative technology solutions has brought efficiency and affordability to small and medium businesses alike. Joy began her consulting practice with Hebrew Union College (HUC), for eight years. In her first role as Network Administrator (1997-2004), Joy single-handedly supported five servers and 105 computers. As Joy added more technicians to her team, it enabled her to focus on securing more small business clients, obtain Microsoft Certifications, and align LA IT Girl with the industry’s most notable vendor partners. Her extensive experience in implementing business plans, setting and achieving project goals, and developing workflow processes while utilizing the most efficient technology has resulted in bringing far more to the table than just creative technology solutions.

Picking up momentum in early 2015, Joy’s focus shifted to cyber security. Her philosophy is that offering protection and peace of mind to her clients is paramount, and continues LA IT Girl’s tradition of secure and reliable network support. Joy obtained her Security + certification and trained with the FBI on Ethical Hacking, as well as testing and implementing layers of cyber protection for her own business and her clients.

To address the cybersecurity needs of the community, Joy created Pink Hat Technology Management, a division of LA IT Girl, Inc., to offer security solutions to small and medium business owners in 2016. Joy has gained national attention for her thought leadership in cyber security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, as she focuses intently on accident response, proactive training, and the best way to communicate gaps in vulnerability with her clients. Joy’s individualized network planning, strict attention to detail, concise communication, and service loyalty make her a well-respected and sought-after IT partner.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How to create and remember a strong password?
  • How Password management software can store our passwords in an encrypted format for us on every device?
  • How to monitor whether your password have been stolen and are for sale on the Dark Web?
  • Why it is important to rotate your passwords?
  • What you should NEVER include in your password?

Investing in innovation in IT analytics.


In Today’s PICNIC episode, we will welcome Dennis Drogseth, EMA (enterprise Management Associates) Vice President.

Dennis joined EMA in 1998 and currently manages the New Hampshire office. Dennis brings over thirty years of experience and supports EMA through leadership in Business Service Management (BSM), CMDB Systems, automation systems and service-centric financial optimization. Dennis also works across practice areas to promote dialogs across critical areas of technology and market interdependencies. Prior to this, Dennis helped to build the network management practice area at EMA. 

At EMA, Dennis has pioneered research in converging management strategies such as performance/availability and integrated security. Another focus is on changing organizational dynamics in IT, such as issues between the service desk and the operation center, and the emergence of a cross-domain, “service management” organization in more mature IT organizations. Dennis works extensively with vendor clients to help establish meaningful product positioning within an overcrowded marketplace, as well as with IT clients seeking to establish effective baselines for strategic management initiatives. He is a speaker on many management related issues. 

Prior to joining EMA, Dennis worked to develop marketing strategies and new business models for Cabletron’s SPECTRUM management software. He initiated a pilot program for a new software marketing organization based on a flexible, entrepreneurial dynamic. Dennis also coordinated a broad marketing effort to reposition SPECTRUM away from element management toward a robust SLM niche. Before Cabletron, Dennis spent 14 years with IBM in marketing and communications, including a year of international consulting on best practices for bringing networking solutions to market. 

At the occasion of today’s episode, we will talk about Investment in IT Innovation and Analytics and will cover points and questions such as:

  • What is advanced IT analytics and how is it different from IT operational Intelligence?
  • Why did Dennis choose to do a buyer’s guide in this area?
  • What’s was required to participate? What technologies in specific was he looking for?
  • What he discovers any surprises in the course of the research? If so, what were they?

How does he see the AIA arena evolving in the next two years?

Top 3 challenges of managing a small IT Team



In Today’s PICNIC episode, we will welcome Rachel Simone, Ipswitch’s Vice President of Enterprise Applications and Technology.

Rachel joined Ipswitch in February 2015 and has more than 25 years of experience in managing IT teams. She leads the company's IT team and infrastructure, focused on simplifying and automating business operations to facilitate long-term competitiveness and revenue growth, building a high-performing team to create "best in class" IT systems, designing unified CRM instances and tools, and aligning major IT projects with the company business growth strategy.

Prior to Ipswitch, Rachel held VP roles at Housing Partnership Networks, Dassault System Solidworks Corporation and Management Positions at Myteam Inc., MRO software, State Street Bank & Trust and Thomas Cook Travel. Rachel has built herself a strong reputation for defining and executing enterprise technology strategies and solutions that enable business goals, reduce costs, improve efficiency, enable organization goals and optimize technology investment.

At the occasion of today’s episode, Rachel will use her extended experience to share her management tips and tricks on:

  • how to manage a small IT Team
  • how to keep up with a lean IT team
  • how to optimize the team efficiency
  • how to keep your team happy and up to speed with new tools
  • how to face/deal with new tools, consolidation, CRM update
  • how to get things done?

We will also be able to hear about what Rachel has learnt since her first job, what is the most unbelievable situation she has ever faced in her career or what is the worst case/worst story she had.

Welcome to PICNIC Podcast by Ipswitch

250-picnicpodcast-showcard-Ep1.pngWelcome to the P.I.C.N.I.C. Podcast show by Ipswitch. We are excited to launch this week. We are taking the opportunity this first show to tell you the topics and types of guests scheduled over the next several weeks. This is a weekly show and we are so glad you joined us.

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Today you'll be meeting our hosts, Jeanne Hopkins and Kevin Conklin. You can read more about them on our hosts page. Funnel Radio producer, Paul Roberts, will be interviewing Jeanne live with another segment featuring Kevin.

Some of what we'll be covering is:

  • Who are we?
  • What is PICNIC-podcast?
  • Why did we create/launch PICNIC-podcast?
  • Who is PICNIC-podcast dedicated to?
  • What will they learn?
  • What kind of topic will we address?
  • When is PICNIC-podcast?