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17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Market in 2018

February 7, 2018


In Today’s PICNIC episode, we will welcome a returning guest, Bojan Simic, Founder at Digital Enterprise Journal.

Bojan Simic is Founder of Digital Enterprise Journal, a media and research firm focused on digital transformation and the business value of technology deployments. Bojan has been an analyst and entrepreneur in the enterprise technology industry for more than 10 years.

 As an industry analyst, Bojan has interviewed tens of thousands of IT and business professionals from end-user organizations and has published more than 100 research reports. Bojan is frequently quoted in leading industry publications and he has presented his research findings at hundreds of market-facing events.

Prior to launching Digital Enterprise Journal, Bojan was President and Principal Analyst at TRAC Research, a market research and analyst firm specializing in IT performance management.

Simic holds a B.A. in Economics from Belgrade University in Belgrade, Serbia and an M.B.A. from McCallum Graduate School of Business at Bentley University.

At the occasion of today’s episode, we will talk about a recent survey released by Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) about “17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Market in 2018”.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 24% - are looking invest in new IT Operations solutions in next 12 months to be able to manage microservices and containers
  • 52% - reported advanced analytics and automation capabilities as the key driver for network monitoring in 2018
  • 54% - reported that network monitoring for Cloud and virtualized environments is becoming major requirement for 2018

The study is based on insights from more than 2,500 end-users, includes hundreds of data points and is produced by using DEJ's unique approach for ongoing data collection and analysis as well as the company TPO (Maturity Class Framework) methodology.

This will be the occasion for us to use this survey and discuss what it means in terms of:

  • IT Operations Context
  • Intelligent Automation
  • New Technologies Changing the Market Landscape
  • User Experience the Key Focal Point
  • Market Growth Requirements
  • Proactive versus Reactive Approaches
  • Beyond Monitoring
  • Automation, AI and Machine Learning
  • Digital Transformation
  • Service-Centric Approach
  • Security Initiaives
  • Cloud Management
  • Competitive landscape
  • And a lot more from this survey!