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Equifax Breach – How Does It Impact End-Point Security?

December 4, 2017


In this PICNIC episode, we will welcome David Monahan, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates.

David is a senior information security executive with several years of experience. He has organized and managed both physical and information security programs, including security and network operations (SOCs and NOCs) for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to local government and small public and private companies. He has diverse audit and compliance and risk and privacy experience such as providing strategic and tactical leadership to develop, architect, and deploy assurance controls; delivering process and policy documentation and training; and working on educational and technical solutions.

Prior to joining Enterprise Management Associates, David spent almost 10 years at AT&T Solutions focusing on the network security discipline. He was a key leader in organizing and supporting AT&T's Managed Security Services operations where he ultimately supported over 700 customers globally. In 2004, he leveraged that experience to begin provide support to the SME and SMB markets, working internally to bolster struggling security organizations. He has been sought after by public and privately held companies and local government, including Network Appliance, McData, and Jefferson County, Colorado, to help them manage their information security, compliance privacy, and IT risk programs. 

Aside from his full-time practice in the security field, David has been an adjunct faculty member for Capitol College in Laurel, Maryland since 2007, providing security instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

David has presented briefings to numerous forums including SANSFire, Forrester, and the Colorado Digital Government Conference. He has contributed content to a wide variety of industry forums and periodicals, including State Tech, CIO, CSO, and Computer World Magazines

During today’s episode, we want to spend a bit of time answering a few points:

  • What do think about the Equifax breach and how it will actually affect consumers?
  • If this is such a threat, why haven’t we seen any increase in identity theft using the data?
  • What are the top three things you recommend consumers do to protect themselves or decrease the odds of their information being exploited?
  • Equifax was huge but not the only instance of personal information theft. What can individuals do to avoid having their personal information stolen from them in the larger context of using the Internet and service providers?
  • How can people protect their information at home?