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Investing in innovation in IT analytics.

September 29, 2017


In Today’s PICNIC episode, we will welcome Dennis Drogseth, EMA (enterprise Management Associates) Vice President.

Dennis joined EMA in 1998 and currently manages the New Hampshire office. Dennis brings over thirty years of experience and supports EMA through leadership in Business Service Management (BSM), CMDB Systems, automation systems and service-centric financial optimization. Dennis also works across practice areas to promote dialogs across critical areas of technology and market interdependencies. Prior to this, Dennis helped to build the network management practice area at EMA. 

At EMA, Dennis has pioneered research in converging management strategies such as performance/availability and integrated security. Another focus is on changing organizational dynamics in IT, such as issues between the service desk and the operation center, and the emergence of a cross-domain, “service management” organization in more mature IT organizations. Dennis works extensively with vendor clients to help establish meaningful product positioning within an overcrowded marketplace, as well as with IT clients seeking to establish effective baselines for strategic management initiatives. He is a speaker on many management related issues. 

Prior to joining EMA, Dennis worked to develop marketing strategies and new business models for Cabletron’s SPECTRUM management software. He initiated a pilot program for a new software marketing organization based on a flexible, entrepreneurial dynamic. Dennis also coordinated a broad marketing effort to reposition SPECTRUM away from element management toward a robust SLM niche. Before Cabletron, Dennis spent 14 years with IBM in marketing and communications, including a year of international consulting on best practices for bringing networking solutions to market. 

At the occasion of today’s episode, we will talk about Investment in IT Innovation and Analytics and will cover points and questions such as:

  • What is advanced IT analytics and how is it different from IT operational Intelligence?
  • Why did Dennis choose to do a buyer’s guide in this area?
  • What’s was required to participate? What technologies in specific was he looking for?
  • What he discovers any surprises in the course of the research? If so, what were they?

How does he see the AIA arena evolving in the next two years?