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Things We Hate About New Devices

January 30, 2018


In Today’s PICNIC episode, we welcome a few of our friends at Ipswitch, all passionate about their job and new technologies.

First our hosts, Kevin Conklin and Greg Mooney! No need to introduce them anymore after more than 20 episodes!

Alex Fisher is a Web marketer deeply involved in all aspects of online strategy. Alex specializes in web design, social media, information architecture, usability, A/B testing, landing page optimization and really well knows and understands end-users.

Jeff Edwards is an experienced writer, editor, and marketing professional dedicated to shedding light on the struggles of the modern IT team and in unlocking the mysteries of information security for the layperson.

Mark Towler is a Marketing Strategist specialized in Messaging and Lead Generation. To do so, Mark understands users and translates complex technical concepts into benefit-oriented messaging to answer his audience’s needs. Proficient with software, hardware, cloud/SaaS, B2B, B2C Mark specializes in Carrier and enterprise networking including core-to-edge switching products and service assurance as well as telecommunications and high-tech in general.

Some of the questions we would love to discuss/debate today are:

  • Vendors handling of updates, such as throttling performance on old phones and their excuse for doing so
  • Vendors pushes people to buy wireless headphones to remove the headphone jack. Has they overstepped its bounds?